Saturday workshop with Rebecca

Rebecca Shulman will be back in town Saturday, August 5 to teach two classes and DJ a milonga. She will also be available for private lessons between August 3 - August 11. If you'd like a private lesson, contact Emily Hinz.

Class 1: Canyengue Nuevo. 2:00 - 3:30 in the TangoHelena studio. Learn dance moves for dancing 'street' tango, a.k.a. moves for dancing outdoors where pivots are difficult to do. "Canyengue" is old-style tango from before the Golden Age, from before the slick dancefloors. "Nuevo" means 'new' and sometimes refers to new-style of tango from the 90s and after. Putting those words together is Rebecca's whim, and coined for this workshop. Sometimes people use "nuevo" to refer to dancing tango to alternative music. In summer, tango in Montana has to adapt to conditions! Outdoors, different music, whatever! So in this workshop, along with learning moves and techniques, we'll get into the groove of ancient tango music but also modern alternative music.

Class 2: Turns with easy and medium sacadas. 4:00 - 5:30 in the TangoHelena studio.  Sacadas are "displacements" – where one dancer walks right through the other dancer's step. As luck would have it, the easiest sacadas in open embrace, are the same sacadas that work well in close embrace. They are the less twisty ones. We will start with sacadas with no twist at all, and focus on timing, comfort, and popular entrances and exits. Then we'll dial up the twist factor, asking for a bit more power from the leader, a bit more serpentine wiggle from the follower... always following through with practical and beautiful endings.

Milonga: 7:30 - 10:30 at the Hub Coffee outdoor patio. Hub Coffee is on the north side of Last Chance Gulch and 6th Ave. The floor is a polished concrete with good pivot action. Bring shoes you don't mind getting a bit dirty for this dance. 

Please bring cash or check to the studio or Hub coffee as we've taken down our online payment system for the summer. $20 per class, $10 milonga. Come for all three for just $45.