Do you need housing while in Helena? Do you live in Helena and can offer up a spare room to out of town dancers? 

If you'd be willing to host one or more out-of-towners in your home, thank you! and please let Grace know at 406-449-5541. 

Anything you have to offer would be appreciated, from an actual guest room to a comfortable pull-out couch to floor space for someone with a sleeping bag.  Let me know if you could house 1 or 2 or more, and if you prefer female or male guests or it doesn't matter.  It would also help to know if you have any pets or if anyone smokes in the house, as some guests can't be around those things.

Nearby Hotels

We've included a few hotels and other alternatives that are nearby.  Of course, there are many other options if you have access to a car.

  1. Helena Accommodations is a local business that rents out furnished rooms and apartments for a nightly rate.  These accommodations are mostly within a mile of the tango studio.
  2. Airbnb.com and VRBO.com are online national websites that have Helena rental listings ranging from single bedrooms to whole houses.
  3. Budget Inn Express, 524 N. Last Chance Gulch, offers rooms for approximately $50/night.  This location is two blocks from our studio.  This business changed owners in 2015 and was extensively refurnished and repainted in early 2016.
  4. Holiday Inn Downtown, 22 N. Last Chance Gulch, is a three star hotel.  It is located about four blocks from our studio, and offers rooms for about $120/night.
  5. Super 8 and Motel 6 are each more than 2 miles from our studio (near the interstate), and offer rooms for approximately $60/night.