Five Instructors, 15 Classes, 5 Milongas, and More!

2015 Festival. Photo by Matt Doval.

2015 Festival. Photo by Matt Doval.

TangoHelena's yearly festival has returned to bring world-class tango instructors and an unforgettable weekend of dancing in Montana's Queen City March 31 - April 2.  Go to our online schedule here, or click in this area to download a pdf of the schedule. Scroll down to buy your tickets online and read more about the instructors. For registration questions, please contact TangoHelena or call Jeff at 406-202-1835.

Our Grand Milonga will be on April Fools so we'll be celebrating the Tango Fool in all of us. Dress up your outfit with some unexpected whimsy. Some ideas will be posted on Facebook and the website.

Private Lessons will be available with Jay Abling (Thursday through Monday) and Rebecca Shulman (Friday through Sunday). If you'd like to reserve a time, please email

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Homer & Cristina Ladas

from San Francisco, CA

Homer and Cristina both started their tango obsession in 1997. They finally met each other at the tango all-nighter in Berkeley, CA in 2001.  Both also have a pre-tango background in many other physical activities, including dance, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts.  They have been teaching tango full-time since 2002.  

As tango teachers, Homer & Cristina are committed to creating a positive class environment and trying to reduce barriers that inhibit students from really finding their own dance.  Small epiphanies can & do occur in their students all the time.  Few dancing couples improvise with such skill, personality, and fluidity of movement. As each year passes Homer & Cristina continue to explore deeper facets of their relationship to each other and to tango. 

You will find many free didactic review videos on Youtube of their classes, including the TangoStudent blog complete with detailed class notes.  They are currently working to develop a more thorough online learning experience via their website


Rebecca Shulman

from New York City, NY

Rebecca Shulman has been dancing tango full-time for over 20 years and is regarded by the international community as an expert with an encyclopedic knowledge of the dance and a gift for conveying it to her students.  She started to study tango in NYC in 1991 from Daniel Trenner, with whom she began to perform and to visit Buenos Aires.  Rebecca's teachers in Buenos Aires, from 1992-1996, include Juan Bruno, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Tete Rusconi and Maria Villalobos, Antonio Todaro, Pupy Castello, and Graciela Gonzalez.

Beyond her supernatural tango-memory that is finely tuned to the subtleties of this dance, Rebecca has the one quality that every tango dancer wants more than anything: a lot of people love dancing with her!  She has taught at big tango festivals around the world.  More than a dozen of New York's current tango teachers are Rebecca's former students.  Students everywhere seek Rebecca's clear instruction on improvisation, technique, adornments, and musicality.  For more info go to her website.

J. Abling and Rachel Moon

from Annapolis, MD

J. Abling has been a dancer and performer since age 10, originally focused on tap, swing, and salsa. Jay fell in love with tango in 2001 and has been dancing tango exclusively ever since.

J.’s highly energetic classes and workshops blend hands-on practical technique, musical morsels, and flavorful figures with a touch of quirky humor. He approaches both tango and teaching with critical analysis in an organic and fluid fashion that engages, challenges, and enlightens participants of all levels. Many of his students have commented on J.’s ability to help them reach important and lasting breakthroughs in their dance. As a tango DJ, J. is nationally sought-after for his ability to keep a good party going. His Djing is characterized by a magical flow, flavored with only the best danceable tandas that inspire dancers all night long. 

J. and his partner Rachel Moon have recently relocated to Annapolis, MD, where they are resident teachers with their new thriving tango community.  Rachel is joining J. during our festival as an added bonus for us!  Learn more at their website.