Partner Expectations


  • Leaders protect the follower. The primary responsibility of the leader is to protect the follower and not to put them into situations where they could be injured. Remember leaders, your followers are on the outside of most turns, often wear open toe shoes, may have their eyes closed and are walking backwards into space that they cannot see. If you see someone about to collide with your follower, one good strategy is to make a quick turn so that the collision happens against you instead of her.
  • Dance to your partner’s ability. Its much for fun for both of you when you have a dance both of you can do. Good leaders will adjust their dance to their followers. A wonderful dance can be had by just walking, weight changing, ochos, etc.


  • Keep your eyes open. If the floor is very chaotic and full of inexperienced or rude dancers, then the followers should keep their eyes open and help the leader avoid collisions when he moves backwards. She can apply pressure on his back to prevent him from stepping.
    • Keep the feet on the floor and under you. Do not let your feet fly out from under you and possibly trip other dancers.
    • Do not execute high boleos unless you have a high degree of trust in your leader and the dance floor is not very crowded or your feet are pointed towards the tables. Just because your leader proposes a high boleo, it does not mean you have to endanger yourself or others.