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Milonga Lisa (Smooth Milonga) Class

Join Phil Robison and Debra Bullington to learn what to do when you hear that milonga (fast syncopated) music start up at the milonga (social dance).  Dancing to milonga music has its own rules and assumptions which are different from classic tango. These classes are geared for all levels, though the second class is definitely more challenging (and
builds on the first class). Close embrace is recommended but not required.  Word on the street is that some women will do the class as leaders, so that means we would love to have more followers.  Are there any men out there who would consider taking the class as followers?

Milonga Lisa (Smooth Milonga)  Learn lots of patterns to have a wonderful dance without quick steps.  We will work on some of the great secrets of successful milonga, including how to lead clear weight changes in the collection point and how to lead and follow
milonga-style molinete steps. $15 per class or $25 for both (per person).

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